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Site Specific Series

A special collection of short documentaries that celebrate the architecture of Dublin, commissioned by the Irish Architecture Foundation and produced by Dyehouse Films.


The series reveals the personalities, processes, complexity, creativity and transformative impact that surround the act of designed space. The protagonists: the site, the architect, the historian, the user, speak directly to the camera – they speak directly to us.

Site Specific season 1 crosses the city, scales and building types, from a play park to a hidden bar on a university campus, from social housing and a place of worship to a much-loved icon of Dublin city. Taken individually, each video has something of the condensed power of a short story.

Site Specific season 2 crosses scale, time, type, and use. From a family home to a national power station, from a place for health to a place for legislation. Each of the six buildings represents an exchange between architecture and humanity, highlighting the simple fact that buildings support life and life supports buildings. In other words, we are responsible for their degeneration, preservation, and regeneration. This series is interested in time and the coexistence of old with new. We hope the documentaries encourage us to learn from the past and care about the future. They send a message of hope that Dublin will be built with respect for its inhabitants, natural and historic environment and a desire to provide for future generations.

The Site Specific Series was made with the generous support of the partners, sponsors and supporters of Open House Dublin 2020 and 2021.