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Site Specific

05 (2021) Pigeon House

Decommissioned in 1976, the largest protected structure in Ireland, the vast ruin of the former Pigeon House Power Station is one of the most striking industrial architecture complexes in the city. Charles Duggan, Heritage Officer DCC and Lenzie O’Sullivan, Senior Architect DCC take us through the use and historical significance of the striking structure opened in 1902. Designed by engineers, its interior was functional, with an exterior that brandished the brick design techniques of its time. The layers of exposed fabric show how the building was constantly modified to keep up with increasing electricity demand. The building now holds a different kind of power, one of great cultural and social potential.

Director Bonnie Dempsey, Producer Aimie Gavin, Director of Photography Tom Comerford, Sound Recordist Susan Downey, Drone Photography Martin Osborne, Blaine Rennicks, Rerecording Mixer Nikki Moss, Editor Oonagh Quinn, Executive Producer David O’Sullivan.

Contributors: Charles Duggan, Lenzie O’Sullivan.

Special Thanks: Margaret Mooney, Fred McEvoy, Damien Magaharan, Dublin City Council, ESB Archives, Colum O’Riordan, Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin City Library and Archive.

Irish Architecture Foundation 2021 © Produced by Dyehouse Films.

Opinions expressed are the contributors’ alone and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Irish Architecture Foundation or Dyehouse Films.

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