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2020 Programme

IAF International Summer School 2020


Over the summer the IAF delivered a free series of live, international online seminars and workshops.

Designed to communicate a multi-scale perspective on architecture to a national and international audience of general public and practitioners, each week took a different spatial focus, moving from the private space of the HOME, into PUBLIC space and beyond into VIRTUAL space. The key area of concern in each case was how we navigate and utilise these spaces as we respond with creative urgency to the current global pandemic. The Summer School Seminars were recorded and are available to view below.

Week 1: HOME SPACE: Thursday 25 + Friday 26 June 2020
Gon Architects (Madrid, Spain), skip to 06:00; Ellen Rowley (Dublin, Ireland), skip to 18:50; Övül Ö. Durmusoglu (Berlin, Germany + Ankara, Turkey) and Joanna Warsza (Berlin, Germany + Warsaw, Poland + Stockholm, Sweden) from 40:45.
Architects, Lockdown, isolation and cocooning has meant that our domestic spaces have never been tested like this before. There are new demands on our homes as they must become even more flexible and multi-functional spaces. How can we adapt and re-invent the HOME environment during and in the aftermath of the current coronavirus pandemic? Click here to read more about the seminar speakers.

Week 2: PUBLIC SPACE: Thursday 2 + Friday 3 July 2020
Street Plans Collaborative, Miami, USA, (skip to 06:20); Relational Urbanism Lab / Llabrestabony Architects, London, UK, (skip to 32:50); Project for Public Spaces, New York, USA, (skip to 57:30).

Our relationship with public space has been transformed and is now being re-evaluated. How we design public space in the future will not be the same: how will villages, towns and cities worldwide endure new challenges, adapt and even improve in response to the current global pandemic? How can we re-configure public space, with lasting positive consequences for social and economic recovery? Click here to read more about the seminar speakers.

Week 3: VIRTUAL SPACE: Thursday 9 + Friday 10 July 2020
Space Popular, London, UK, (skip to 06:00); Beatrice Galilee, New York, USA, (skip to 30:30) and Community Design Collaborative, Philadelphia, USA (skip to 46:40).
Virtual space has taken on a huge significance during this global pandemic and it presents both a challenging and opportunistic space in which to design, teach, learn and communicate architecture. How can we successfully navigate and best utilise this space to collaborate across online platforms, employ virtual reality and curate architecture online, as we adapt to a new reality? Click here to read more about the seminar speakers.