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Interview Learning

Meet the Graduate Panel: Katie Barry


Established in 2021, the IAF Graduate Panel offers a discursive and collaborative space to share ideas and an opportunity to link with the IAF’s core programme. We’d like to introduce you to our panelists over a series of interviews.

Meet Katie Barry, Graduate research assistant at RKD Architects.

Katie is an architectural graduate who is interested in the application of critical reflection to the architectural design process. She graduated from the Dublin School of Architecture, TU Dublin in 2021. She has undergraduate experience of working in Ireland and the Netherlands. She is now working as a graduate research assistant at RKD.


Tell us about the work you’re currently involved in.

I am a research assistant working at RKD, currently involved in the development of sustainable design processes within the practice.


What drew you to a career in architecture? What are your aspirations?

I was eager to find a profession which welcomed expression and encouraged innovation. This is something which I understood architecture to be. I aspire to be involved in projects which utilise architecture as a collaborative tool for societal development.


Why did you decide to join the IAF Graduate Panel? What are your expectations?

I am interested in collective dialogue as a mechanism for the sharing, questioning and generation of knowledge. This interest was the driving force behind my decision to join the panel.


What area of architectural practice are you most interested in and hoping to further develop your career in?

I am most interested in the multitude of processes which architectural design invokes and how these processes become manifest, implicitly or explicitly, in any ‘end’ products. I hope to develop my understanding of this as I progress through my career.


Tell us about your favourite contemporary Irish building, or contemporary building designed by an Irish architect.

I generally avoid the realm of favouritism, as I find that it can often be problematic. However, a contemporary Irish project which I consider interesting is Dublin City Architects’ Dolphin House Regeneration Project for its environmental and social sensitivity. I look forward to seeing how the project will develop over time.