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Threshold, Edge and The City


An article called ‘Threshold, Edge and The City’ by Conor Rochford, Kieran Murray and Su Wang was published by Studio Magazine. Focusing on the ‘edge cities’ that have arose at the periphery of Dublin during the explosion of building that occurred throughout Ireland’s economic boom.

As a case study for their exploration of the theme of Threshold and Pause, the trio examined the development of Sandyford in Dublin. The paper explores how threshold and difference function as moments in the city, and ultimately, act as a means towards self-reflection and self-development. Conversely, when thresholds and difference are neutralized, people become less sociable leading to what Richard Sennet would describe as an ‘edge city’.

The article was published along with photography from Su Wang. The Authors of the piece were Conor Rochford, Kieran Murray and Su Wang. Watch a video of the full magazine HERE.

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