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‘The Opera’ at China Pavilion in Venice Biennale


Irish designer Peter Maybury to create a publication to accompany Shavrova’s piece “The Opera”. Artist Vavara Shavrova during the 14th International Architecture Biennale in Venice to create “The Opera”. Maybury created a publication to accompany Shavrova’s piece, which is a timelapse projection and sound installation situated in “Across Chinese Cities – Beijing/ Dashilar”, an official collateral exhibition at the Arsenale.

In “The Opera”, three members of the Peking Opera are documented as they undergo a theatrical transformation. Shavrova plays with the concept of identity in terms of gender, social and cultural roles, documenting every moment of transition as they pass the tipping point from one identity to another.

Peter Maybury (MA) works as an artist, graphic designer, and musician. His creative practice centres around the arts and culturally related projects, producing books and catalogues, identities and websites, self-published books, curation, works for exhibition, video works, and sound recordings.

Vavara Shavrova is a visual artist and works in Beijing, Dublin and London. Shavrova will be collaborating with Open House Dublin this year with a multi-media installation at Broadstone Studios.

This is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Beijing/ Dashilar at 14th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, an official for more information please visit this website.