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Open House Worldwide Autumn Season 2017 kicks off!


Open House is a simple but powerful concept – providing free access over a 48hr period to an incredible range of public and privately owned buildings to nearly a million people globally.  The Open House events, all independently produced across the globe have a proven record not only fostering civic engagement and pride, but helping to shape the wider community in becoming more knowledgeable, engaging in the dialogue and making more informed judgements on architecture and public space, of their city now and into the future.


World cities see an Open House event as the best way to profile the effect that planning, conservation, design and regeneration of the contemporary city has on the quality of their citizens’ lives, and interest continues to grow in other cities worldwide as this turns into a powerful cultural movement with unique reach. If you fancy going on an international Open House crawl, here are the dates and locations:


Vienna 9-10 September openhouse-wien.at/

London 16-17 September openhouselondon.org.uk/

Lisbon 23-24 September openhouselisboa.com/ 

Oslo 23-24 September openhouseoslo.org/

Bilbao 23-24 September openhousebilbao.org/

Cork 29 September – 1 October openhousecork.ie/

Madrid 30 September – 1 October openhousemadrid.org/

Zurich 30 September – 1 October openhouse-zuerich.org/

Limerick 6-8 October openhouselimerick.ie/

Stockholm 6-8 October openhousestockholm.se/

Brisbane 7-8 October brisbaneopenhouse.com.au/

Dublin 13-15 October architecturefoundation.ie/openhouse

Chicago 14-15 October  openhousechicago.org/

New York 14-15 October ohny.org/

Barcelona 21-22 October 48hopenhousebarcelona.org/

Gdansk 21-22 October ohgdansk.org

Jerusalem 26-28 October batim.itraveljerusalem.com/

Belfast 27-29 October openhousebelfast.org/

Buenos Aires 28-29 October openhousebsas.org/

Perth 11-12 November openhouseperth.net

Thessaloniki 25-26 November openhousethessaloniki.gr/