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2023 Programme Awards Learning Publications

LINA Writing Award books now for sale in Ireland


Two new works of architectural writing published by the Irish Architecture Foundation and dpr-Barcelona are now for sale in Ireland – in time for Christmas!

Shallow Time: The Burren by Tom Cookson and Atlas of Urban Mythologies by Sergios Strigklogiannis and Francesca Cocchiara are new and innovative works of architectural writing, supported and published by the IAF and dpr-Barcelona as the recipients of the inaugural LINA Writing Awards.

These two books are now available for purchase in Ireland and are sure to enrich the minds of all those interested in architecture, landscape, urbanism, and imagination.


Shallow Time: The Burren by Tom Cookson

Humans lack the capacity to comprehend geological time, a breadth unfathomable from our biological perspective. Our callous extraction of resources negates the patience of geomorphology. The Burren’s karst landscape instinctively rejects the notion of deep time. Its proximity to the visible surface belies its layered creation over millennia. It is a unique terrain where natural processes can be appreciated rather than exploited. A landscape that can be interpreted in the tension between depth and shallowness, mass and volume.
Tom Cookson is an architect, writer and educator. He is interested in the intersection between architecture and environment in the context of the Anthropocene.
Purchase Shallow Time: The Burren from The Library Project (€15.00).


Atlas of Urban Mythologies by Sergios Strigklogiannis and Francesca Cocchiara

Contemporary mythologies are out there, in the urban chaos. Monsters, giants, constructions, spirits and creatures of all sorts tell the cities’ everyday life struggles if one is willing to listen to them. Atlas of Urban Mythologies welcomes all their voices in a collection of short stories set in seven cities across Europe: Athens, Nicosia, Tbilisi, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Basel, and Tirana. When embarking on these journeys, the narrators  —  and the readers  —  are faced with real urban issues that are revealed through the power of myths.

Francesca Cocchiara and Sergios Strigklogiannis are architects and researchers from Italy and Greece. Together they explore the complexities and challenges of cities and the diverse ways of inhabiting urban spaces.

Purchase Atlas of Urban Mythologies from The Library Project (€15.00).

Both books are also available from dpr-Barcelona.


About LINA Writing Awards

Annual LINA Writing Awards are offered jointly by the IAF and dpr-Barcelona for three years as part of the wider LINA European Architecture Platform, which facilitates an extensive programme of collaboration and knowledge building between architecture organisations and emerging professionals. The Writing Awards support emerging writers with ideas for new writing that addresses environmental challenges and promotes sustainable development in architecture.

Two book projects are selected for support and publication each year through the LINA Open Call. Stay tuned for our announcement of the year 2 LINA Writing Award recipients.


Photo: Shallow Time: The Burren and Atlas of Urban Mythologies. Photo by Irish Architecture Foundation.

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