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Happy Dublin


Dublin’s full of good news at the moment. The inner city’s Georgian buildings can now avail of tax benefits if they are used as homes and various vacant sites will be developed by Dublin City Council (DCC). Happy days!

Tax incentives are now available to developers who renovate inner city Georgian (or pre-1915) buildings for residential and commercial use. This cheer is not for Dublin alone, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny will also benefit. The council are employing a conservation architect to advise on how to renovate Georgian buildings.

DCC are also planning on regenerating the Thomas Street and St James’s Street corridor, the north and south Georgian core and radial routes into the city, for example Phibsborough. Their aim is to consolidate the city and get more people living in the city centre. They estimate 8000 new homes across the city.

DCC are planning development on over 200 vacant sites in the area bordered by the Grand and Royal canals. DCC owns 59 of these sites which they intend to sell to private developers.