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Funding Public realm

Government Policy on Architecture 2009 – 2015


In 2009 the Government approved the Policy on Architecture 2009-2015. Developed to place a greater emphasis on the role of architectural and urban-design quality in the design of the built environment, the Government Policy on Architecture was overseen by a Steering Committee (chaired by Professor Loughlin Kealy of UCD) composed of representatives from a broad spectrum of the public and private sectors. One of those representatives was the Irish Architecture Foundation. The work of the Steering Committee was underpinned by three focus groups, each of which specialised on one of three core themes (a) promoting quality in the built environment, (b) promoting awareness, education and research and (c) promoting sustainability. A series of public meetings also took place as part of the development of the Policy, run by the IAF.

Commenting on the Policy, then Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government John Gormley said “I believe that the Government Policy on Architecture 2009-2015 [Towards a Sustainable Future: Delivering Quality within the Built Environment] provides the appropriate framework for architectural policy over the next 7 years. The Policy sets out a wider emphasis on sustainable development of the environment and urban design, continues to encourage and support high quality modern architecture, and incorporates architectural heritage in a holistic, integrated manner. The Policy complements and supports the Government’s wider economic strategy in areas such as research, green enterprise and the development of efficient and sustainable technologies for the built environment. Within the Policy there are various actions that support initiatives on job creation, enterprise and the export of Irish skills and products abroad.”

The IAF continues to sit on the Advisory Panel for the Government Policy on Architecture, aiding in the coordination and implementation of the Policy. You can read the Policy here.