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Sam Tranum, Daily Life in Turkmenbashy’s Golden Age

July 22, 2015
@ The Sugar Club

Ice cream, rainbows, sandy sandwiches, socks and sandals. Whatever it is, get your summer buzz on with our summer edition of Pecha Kucha Dublin with Totally Dublin. Our spring event at The Grand Social was packed out of it so we’re moving to a bigger venue, The Sugar Club.

This time around, our speakers will be touching on topics like exploration, the outdoors, public space and the environment. Nothing major, then!

Sam Tranum is a Dublin-based writer and editor. He’s the author of the travel memoir Daily Life in Turkmenbashy’s Golden Age, which is recommended in the Lonely Planet guide to Central Asia, and has published articles about his time in Mexico, Zanzibar, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and India. He is an editor at Liberties Press, and a volunteer at the weekly online newspaper Dublin Inquirer.