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Reimagine Sessions at Misleór Festival of Nomadic Cultures


Where Is Our Meeting Point?

University of Galway, 30 September 2023

The IAF’s Reimagine placemaking programme is joining forces with the Misleór Festival of Nomadic Cultures to host a morning of nomadic meeting and placemaking Galway city.

For nomadic cultures, a sense of place isn’t fixed in stone. It travels with people and is connected to where they meet, even just for a few hours around a fire. These spaces for connection are usually not on any physical map, have no sign posts and may be invisible to most, but they are of special importance to nomadic placemaking and heritage. Over a morning of talks, presentations and conversation, this event invites you to share the richness of nomadic placemaking, and hear from those who are reclaiming spaces for community.

We welcome you to these special events and invite you to share with those who you think may be interested.


Nomadic Placemaking

10am, Studio 1 – O’Donoghue Centre, University of Galway

Hosted by Nora Corcoran, this event will present a number of mapping and placemaking projects from Ireland and overseas. Nomadic Placemaking is a way of describing how nomadic communities create a sense of place, something which can be creative, temporary and centered around relationships with community and with the natural world. This event will place a particular focus on sharing initiatives connected to mapping nomadic spaces, the important meeting points for culture, community, and connection. There will be presentations from the Missling the Tobar project by Cork Traveller Women’s Network and the Traveller Community Mapping Coolock StoryMap by Pavee Point, followed by the opportunity to hear from a few fellow attendees about their own projects.


Nomadic Architecture Meet-Up

12pm, Festival Tent – Fishery Field

Following the presentations, we will make ourselves comfortable in the outdoor camp, and get a chance to connect with others who are interested in how nomadic architecture is celebrated and created. As part of the Irish Architecture Foundation’s placemaking programme, the Nomadic Architecture Meet-Up is a space for discussion, sharing, and building connections around ideas of architecture, urbanism, and the built environment. Coming from communities that have been adversely affected by policies and practices around housing, urban design and placemaking, nomadic architects and other industry professionals have unique and important insights which should be celebrated and empowered. This event is open to everyone, including those from Traveller or Nomadic backgrounds working in architecture, urbanism or placemaking, but especially those who have lived experience of nomadic architecture and wish to share their knowledge with the younger generation.


Both events are free, and booking is recommended. Reserve your place through the Misleór Festival website.



Photo courtesy of Galway Traveller Movement.