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MAYDAY: A 108-minute orbit of ‘i see Earth’


Curated by Nathalie Weadick and Hugh Campbell, MAYDAY is a creative orbit of the Tom dePaor exhibition ‘i see Earth’ at VISUAL Carlow. Taking place on Sunday 1 May, the programme is 108 minutes long, recalling the 108 minutes of flight in which the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, orbited the Earth. While Gagarin’s words from space, “I see Earth… Beautiful, so beautiful!” give the exhibition its name, MAYDAY is a unique programme that brings together artists and thinkers whose work resonates with the themes, forms and experiences of the exhibition yet maintains its own distinctive course. In this way, each contribution remains autonomous while travelling in the exhibition’s gravitational field. Some contributions will be made in person in the gallery, others remotely, traversing space and time.


Tom dePaor Jr, Raymund Ryan, Vona Groarke, Sergio Lopez Pineiro, Isadora Epstein, Nasrine Seraji, Adrian Duncan, Lisa Godson, Dennis McNulty, Emmett Scanlon, Brian Fay, Penelope Haralambidou, Isabel Nolan, Oana Stanescu, Grainne Hassett, and Davey Kehoe.

Further tickets have been released!

A recording will also be made available on this website.


About the exhibition:

‘i see Earth’ Building and Ground 1991-2021 is an immersive exhibition by one of Ireland’s foremost architects, Tom dePaor. Featuring large-scale 3D architectural drawings that reinvent some of dePaor’s iconic works, the exhibition also includes his prose poem ‘previous, next’, which interpolates the radio exchanges between Gagarin and ground control; paintings; sculptures; objects; and three documentary films by Peter Maybury. ‘i see Earth’ is curated by Nathalie Weadick, co-produced by the Irish Architecture Foundation and VISUAL Carlow, and supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

It is on at VISUAL Carlow until 22 May.

Read more about the exhibition and plan your visit.


Photo: ‘i see Earth’ at VISUAL Carlow, by Ros Kavanagh.

Photo by Ros Kavanagh of Tom dePaor 'i see Earth' exhibition at VISUAL Carlow - a large-scale installation of 3D drawings in steel, painted cobalt blue and lit by dark blue projections. The installation casts huge shadows on the walls. A man stands near the back of the gallery, seen in silhouette.