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Learning From Housing Exhibition

Fumbally Exchange,
5 Dame Lane,
Dublin 2

Learning From Housing is part of Open House Dublin 2014 check the times HERE. 

Taking the Open House 2014 theme of Learning from Buildings as a starting point, Fumbally Exchange are holding an exhibition that seeks to show how lessons learnt by architects and other protagonists in the built environment might inform how we think about the design of housing now and into the future.

How do we provide ourselves with somewhere to live? What forces, what values, what constraints, what opportunities, what traditions, what aspirations shape the kinds of housing we choose to live in? What lessons can we learn from previous generations that might help now inform the creation of quality, durable houses and neighbourhoods?

Of all building, housing best shows us how the lives we live have changed, at the same time as showing us how they have stayed the same. With a new generation of housing being debated, and about to be planned, designed and built – what can we say we have learned from these buildings?

Learning From Housing is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Fumbally Exchange for more information please visit this website.