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Archizine Exhibition: 16 Nov 2012 – 11 Jan 2013

The new generation of architecture magazines, fanzines and journals.

Irish Architecture Foundation, in partnership with NCAD Gallery, are delighted to present Archizines. Archizines is curated by Elias Redstone and initiated in collaboration with the Architectural Association School of Architecture that celebrates and promotes the recent resurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing from around the world.

The publications come from all over the world and vary in style and content. The commonality is a shared interest in documenting and discussing the spaces we occupy in printed form. The criteria for inclusion in the collection as set by Redstone is that publications must have been launched after 2000 and are still in production, that architecture and/or urbanism must be intrinsic to the publication and an alternative or independent agenda must be demonstrated. As well as adding to architectural discourse, these publications are lovingly made objects to hold and to keep.

Included are America Deserta Revisted, another pamphlet, Apartamento, Archinect News Digest, Beyond, Block, Bracket, Camenzind, Candide, Civic City Cahier, Club Donny, Conditions, Cornell Journal of Architecture, Criticat, dérive, Ein Magazin über Orte, engawa, Evil People in Modern Homes in Popular Films, face b, Foreign Architects Switzerland, Friendly Fire, Generalist, Horizonte, Junk Jet, Kerb, Le Journal Spéciale’Z, Log, MAP, Mark, MAS Context, matzine, Maximum Maxim MMX, Megawords, The Modernist, mono.kultur, Monu, no now, OASE, One:Twelve, Pablo Internacional, P.E.A.R., PIDGIN, PIN-UP, PLAT, PLOT, Preston is my Paris, Public Library, San Rocco, Scapegoat, scopio, SOILED, SPAM_mag, Thresholds, TOO MUCH, Touching on Architecture, UP, UR, VOLUME, The Weather Ring, What About It?

The exhibition in NCAD is designed by designgoat.

The IAF and NCAD have announced a design challenge sponsored by Plus Print to accompany the exhibition, find out more here.

Image of Archizines exhibition by Sue Barr