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AAI Annual Critics Lecture: Elizabeth Hatz

The Architectural Association of Ireland will be hosting their Annual Critics Lecture with this year’s speaker ELIZABETH HATZ “Between Transition and Permanence” at the Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin, on Wednesday 7th November at 7pm.

Elizabeth Hatz is an Architect, Art Curator, Architectural Commentator and Professor, working with architecture, art and space, both rural and urban. She is Professor/associate master at the KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden) since 1999 and also an Associate Professor at School of Architecture University of Limerick since 2006.

Elizabeth Hatz runs her own practice in Stockholm and also pratice based research
in architecture through AKAD, (Academy for Pratice Based Research in Architecture and
Design). Her works were exhibited at Fargfabriken, Lund Art Hall and the Concert Hall in
Stockholm as well as at Describing Architecture 2010 and 2011 in Dublin.

She was also the Curator for ev+a 2010 with 59 artists from 14 countries in 11
different venues in Limerick, published in ev+a 2010 “Matters” Gandon Edtion, Ireland 2010.
Other texts include “Permanence” in ”Beginnings”, AKAD Stockholm 2005, “Circle, Line,
Square”, in “of de Blacam and Maegher”, Venice Biennale 2010 and ”Image of Interiority
– Spatial Ambiguities, reflections on space arising from Hammershøis paintings”, Tracings
UCD 2002.