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Open House Dublin 2014: 17 – 19 October


The Irish Architecture Foundation is proud to present Open House Dublin, the biggest celebration of architecture in Ireland. Open House Dublin 2014 will take place from 17 to 19 October 2014. Over one weekend, buildings of all types and periods will open up their doors to allow citizens and visitors to explore the architecture of their city, with special tours by hundreds of professionals and enthusiasts, completely for free.

Learning from Buildings is the theme of Open House Dublin 2014. We want to show that the processes involved in creating the built environment can reveal the desires, tastes, priorities and behaviour of a society at any given time in history. Buildings can tell us about the character of our city and how it was developed. From buildings we can learn about the people involved in designing and constructing the built environment; architects, developers, planners, engineers, builders, crafts people and clients.

From buildings we can learn about the needs of society; housing, culture, industry, business and education. From considering school design we can learn about the impact on learning, teaching and wellbeing. From buildings we can learn about advances in technology and environmental priorities.

From buildings we can learn about how to improve our future.

As well as building tours, Open House Dublin 2014 will include Open House Junior, a series of creative and lively events to enable young participants to play architect for the weekend, including hands-on architecture workshops in galleries and museums, and a special “Architrek” event in Dun Laoghaire.

The programme highlights will be announced in June.

The Irish Architecture Foundation, who delivered its first Open House Dublin in 2006, has firmly established the project as Ireland’s largest architectural event with an estimated 27,000 building visits in 2013.

Open House Dublin is funded by Dublin City Council and Government Policy on Architecture 2009 –2015. Additional funding by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and Fáilte Ireland

Photo by Sarah Doheny

Photo by Sarah Doheny

Photo by Sarah Doheny

Photo by Sarah Doheny

Photo by David Soanes

Photo by David Soanes