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Pecha Kucha Dublin

A platform for creative disciplines in architecture, design, public realm, politics to
discuss, champion and critique, our speakers explained their work using 20 slides, with just 20 seconds to explain each.

Since its first edition in 2003, Pecha Kucha nights have invited thousands of people involved in design, art and architecture to share their ideas and lend some inspiration to 700 cities across the globe.

Devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Tokyo’s Klein-Dytham Architecture (KDa), as a way to attract people to SuperDeluxe, their experimental event space in Roppongi, and to allow young designers to meet, show their work, and exchange ideas. The format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, powers multiple-speaker events across the world.

In 2009 and 2010, we partnered with The Small Print to present 60 speakers from varying disciplines to share stories, tales and tidbits. After a short break, we partnered with Totally Dublin in 2015 to bring back Pecha Kucha Dublin with 40 presenters featuring some of Irelands most creative.

Check out our speakers from the 2009 and 2010 series below and make sure to check out the recordings!

Pecha Kucha Night #1: 16 July 2009

Conor & David, Designers / Culturstruction, Architecture / Cian Hallinan, Journalist / BRENB, Illustrator / Fountainhead, Digital / Gisele Scanlon, Author / Now What?, Architecture / Thinkhouse, PR Agency / TAKA, Architecture / Will St Leger, Artivist

Pecha Kucha Night #2: 10 September 2009

Róise Goan, Absolute Fringe Director / Alan Clarke, Illustrator / Eoghan Kidney, Director / Alan Phelan, Artist / Mike Haslam, Solearth / Richard Gilligan, Photographer / Kaethe Burt-O’Dea, desireland / Scott Burnett, Studio Aad / Dominic Stevens, Architect / Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect

Pecha Kucha Night #3: 5 November 2009

Aisling Farinella, Fashion Stylist / Alan Mee, Urban Agenda / Brian Coldrick, Illustrator / D.A.D.D.Y., Animators / James Kelleher, Journalist / Karl Toomey, Graphic Designer / Michelle Fagan, FKL Architects / Mick Wilson, Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media / The guys behind Movember, Charity Innovators / Peter Kelly, Blueprint Magazine (UK)

Pecha Kucha Night #4 (in aid of Haiti): 4 February 2010

Brian Ward, Lecturer in Architecture, DIT / Detail, Graphic Designers / Elizabeth Hatz, Architect and Curator of ev+a / Gemma Tipton, Writer on Art and Architecture / Hugh Campbell, Professor of Architecture, UCD / Ivan Twohig, Artist / Keith Walsh, Lord of t-shirts / New Graphic, Graphic Designers / Steve Simpson, Illustrator

Pecha Kucha Night #5: 1 April 2010

Andrew Griffin, JDS Architects / Areaman, Film Makers / Willie White, Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre / Sarah Lowry, Textile Designer / Cliona O’Flaherty, Photographer / Unthink, Graphic Designers / Seamus Nolan, Artist / Laura Harty + Kirstie Smeaton, Architecture / Designing Dublin, Learntank / Vaari Claffey, Independent Curator + Director of Gracelands

Pecha Kucha Night #6: 3 June 2010

Aidan Kelly, Photographer / Arsheen Qasim + Anahita Tabarsi, Daydreamer / Theresa Nanigian, Artist / Andreas Pettersson, Photographer / Maxim Laroussi, Architecture Republic / Hugo Lamont, Architecture / Angela Scanlon, Fashion Blogger / Sharon Hearne-Smith, Food Stylist / Conor Creighton, Writer / For The Love Of…, Art Collective / Tom dePaor, Architecture / Bob Gray, Red & Grey Design / Gerard Whelan, Art Director / Hugh Cooney, Artist / Jonathan Legge, Designer / Jonathan Lynn, Anewspace / Le Cool Dublin, Publisher / Rory O’Connor, The Creativity Hub / Sophie Broadbent, Jewellery / Steve Doogan, Illustrator

To find out more information please visit:

Photo by Síle Stewart

Gemma Tipton, Writer on Art and Architecture
Culturstruction, Architecture
Conor and David, Designers
Fountainhead, Digital
Gisele Scanlon, Author
Now What?, Architecture
TAKA, Architecture
Will St Leger, Artist
Cian Hallinan, Journalist
Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect
Róise Goan, Absolut Fringe Director
Dominic Stevens, Architect
Scott Burnett, Studio AAD
Kaethe Burt O’Dea, desireland
Richard Gilligan, Photographer
Brian Ward, Architecture
Detail, Graphic Designers
Elizabeth Hatz, Architect and Curator ev+a 2010
Keith Walsh, Lord of T-Shirts
New Graphic, Graphic Designers
Hugh Campbell, Professor of Architecture UCD
Mike Haslam, Solearth
Alan Phelan, Artist
Eoghan Kidney, Director
Alan Clarke, Illustrator
Aisling Farinella, Fashion Stylist
Peter Kelly, Blueprint Magazine
Brian Coldrick, Illustrator
Michelle Fagan, FKL Architects
Karl Toomey, Graphic Designer
Alan Mee, Urban Agenda
The Guys Behind Movember, Charity Innovators
James Kelleher, Journalist
D.A.D.D.Y., Animators
Willie White, Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre
Designing Dublin, Learntank
Unthink, Graphic Designers
Andrew Griffin, JDS Architects
Andreas Pettersson, Photographer
Aidan Kelly, Photographer
Angela Scanlon
Conor Creighton, Writer
Arsheen & Anahita, Daydreamer
For the Love Of.., Art Collective
Hugo Lamont, Architecture
Maxime Laroussi, Architecture Republic
Sharon Hearne-Smith, Food Stylist
Theresa Nanigian, Artist
Seamus Nolan, Artist
Sarah Lowry, Textile Designer
Areaman, Film Makers
Laura Harty and Kirstie Smeaton, Architecture
Vaari Claffey, Independent Curator and Director of Gracelands
Cliona O’Flaherty, Photographer
Seán Harrington, Public Space, Our Space
Esther Gerrard, Green Spaces and Urban Acupuncture
Rosie Lynch and Hollie Kearns, Callan Workhouse Union, Forms of Escapism
Anna Bedos, Bikes Tackling Environmental, Social & Economic Challenges
Douglas Carson, Carson and Crushell Architects, Opening Up Architectural Questions
Sam Tranum, Daily Life in Turkmenbashy’s Golden Age
Manchán Magan, Fenced In
Emmet Condon, Homebeat, The Art of Making Meaningful Events
Gearoid Carvill, The Dublin Honey Project
Lynda Doyle, Director of CONNECT/CTVR, Presence of signals
John Mahon, The Locals, The anatomy of a great venue