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Announcement, Public realm

Hurrah for our Volunteers!

We wanna take a minute to celebrate the heart of Open House Dublin, our amazing Volunteers!

Open House Dublin (OHD) is Ireland’s largest architecture festival taking place in October each year.

Each year Open House Dublin grows and each year we are considerably grateful for our volunteers. We rely on hundreds of people to volunteer their time to help us to deliver this extraordinary event.



Our Volunteers are the face of the OHD festival, engaging with visitors over the weekend in various ways. Roles include Volunteer Stewards, Volunteer Area Managers and Volunteer Tour Guides. Without our fantastic Volunteers we couldn’t do what we do!

In return for volunteering for 4 hours, volunteers are given priority access to buildings (no queues for our volunteers), volunteers-only tours and a post-event wrap party thrown in their honour! Full training and a lovely Open House Dublin bib is also provided.

We firmly believe in the value of volunteering and believe that volunteers make a vital contribution to society. Our volunteer programme introduces volunteers to a cultural event, gives them an insight into the running of a large event, gives them the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the architecture around them.

We regard volunteers as family and encourage them to get involved at all levels of the organisation and within all appropriate activities. Volunteers are recruited from all areas around Ireland and always have a great experience!

We aim to train and support our volunteers to the best of our abilities, and to act quickly and fairly if difficulties arise.

To find out more information please visit:
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