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Community, Learning, Public realm, Reimagine, Research


A programme designed to better connect communities with their local neighbourhoods, environment and each other using creative and collaborative design strategies.

Based on our 13 years experience encouraging public engagement with architecture and the built environment through everything from People First design projects to Ireland’s largest architecture festival, Open House Dublin, we wish to devise and deliver projects which put people at the heart of their places. Through Reimagine… we create projects and initiatives that address or explore how community challenges can be addressed by increasing participation through creativity in architecture, culture and the arts.

The Reimagine… incites ownership of all aspects of built environment by connecting diverse communities with local authorities and design professionals. It acknowledges that no one has more expertise in a place than the people who live there and it empowers these local citizens to engage with and affect change within their local neighbourhoods with the help of arts and design professionals, facilitated by the IAF. The 2019 Reimagine programme is funded by Creative Ireland.

So far, through Reimagine…we are working with the community group Imagine Dundrum to include the voices of children and young people in the Local Area Plan for Dundrum in Co. Dublin and with the civic and cultural institutions in Tallaght to ‘melt the walls’ between the institutions and their nearest neighbours, activating the public realm in between. If you are part of a community group interested in working with the IAF to reimagine your local area, get in touch with Aideen McCole, IAF Education Curator at education@architecturefoundation.ie