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The Living City Initiative


If you’ve ever walked around Fitzwilliam Square after 7pm or down Leeson Street on a Sunday, you’ll have been humming the Specials’ Ghost Town in your head. Very few people are living in this part of town and after offices hours are eerie for those that do. Or maybe you’ve gone up to Mountjoy Square and side stepped the rubbish to look up at a crumbling Georgian building, cram packed with renters living in sub-standard conditions?

The Government is rolling out The Living City to counter these types of city living problems. The initiative encourages people to live in the historic city centres of Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Limerick and Waterford. In a nutshell tax relief will be offered on the refurbishment or conversion of pre 1915 buildings used as residential dwellings. The building must be located in a Special Regeneration Area of the city in question. The property must be occupied by the claimant and it must be their sole or main residence.

There is also tax releif available for the refurbishment and conversion of commerical properties within the regeneration area.

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