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‘The Crowd, the Stadium, and the City’ in Studio Magazine by Conor Rochford & Kieran Murray


“The boundary is not a spatial fact with sociological consequences but a sociological fact that is formed spatially” – George Simmel

You can read the full article HERE.

A paper on Croke Park Stadium in Dublin City as a unique example of stadium design in both a sociological and historical sense, entitled The Crowd, the Stadium and the City by Conor Rochford and Kieran Murray was published in full by Studio Magazine along with original and historical photographs.

The paper investigates the complex relationship of compliance and resistance, which forms the modern city. It argues that opposed to viewing the architecture of power as an inherently divisive and destructive force, we should instead view it as one of the most creative aspects of design. The paper takes an in-depth look at the power of crowds, and how they manifest themselves, taking the development of the stadium as the architectural element most influenced by these dynamic forces

It is in this space between the power of the crowd and the power of control and order where architecture and the city develops, and is essential to the understanding of how our modern society works.

The home of the Gaelic Athletic Association, catering for the uniquely Irish sports of Gaelic football and Hurling, has existed as both a controller of crowds and an instigator of revolution within Irish society. It is unique in that it bridges the gap between controlled order and organised chaos, between the power of the crowd and the power of control.

This research paper was published in full along with original photography in Studio Architecture and Urbanism Magazine, Issue #06, Power.

‘The Crowd, the Stadium, and the City’ is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Studio Magazine for more information please visit this website.