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Competition Talk Workshop

The Central Bank: Competition, Presentations, Discussion


Following the Central Bank Competition organised by Docomomo Ireland, UCD Architecture is hosting an evening of presentations and discussions in the Red Room, Monday 22nd April.

The running order of presentations is listed below:
1. ‘Down to Earth’ – Practice – Amelie Conway, Dominic Lavelle, Brian Barber, Joe Swan;
2. ‘Hedge Fun’ – David Flynn;
3. ‘Central Park’ – Louise McGarrigle;
4. ‘Growing on the Horizon’ – Michael Hayes, Jonathan Janssens, Conor Maguire, Ste Murray;
5. ‘Irish Museum of Modern Art’ – O’Briain Beary Architects, Mark McCormick;
6. ‘Central Focus’ – Sarah McKendry, Kate Griffin, Ros Kavanagh, Andrea Doyle;
7. ‘Open City School’ – GKMP Architects – Grace Keeley, Conor Maguire, Jennifer O’Donnell, Michael Pike.

Date: April 22nd
Time: 6pm
Location: Red Room, Richview, UCD School of Architecture, Clonskeagh
Price: Free
For more information please visit www.ucdarchitecture.ie