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2023 Programme Announcement Learning

Announcing the IAF Summer School 2023: CONNECTION


We are excited to bring the expertise and creativity of emerging European collectives to Ireland in this year’s IAF Summer School, running in Dublin and online 5-13 May. 


What better way to explore CONNECTION than by gathering from different countries, in person and online, to question and create together?

The IAF Summer School: CONNECTION is open to all, including professionals, academics, graduates and students. It will be of particular relevance to architects, artists, activists, creatives, cultural practitioners, community workers, urbanists, geographers, film-makers and anyone with an interest in architecture, sustainability, design and the built environment.

This is the first of three years in which the IAF Summer School forms part of the LINA programme, an exciting new collaboration between architecture organisations in 23 European countries and 25 competitively selected LINA Fellows. LINA’s goal is to help steer the architectural sector towards clean and circular practices through Learning, Interacting and Networking in Architecture and supporting emerging professionals with innovative and forward-looking projects. 

We have invited LINA Fellows from four collectives – Space Saloon + The MAAK, zwkr, and Palace of Un/Learning – to lead this year’s IAF Summer School. We are very excited to bring their insights, passion, and innovative approaches to architecture here to you and make the CONNECTION.

The Summer School consists of three parts: two weekends in person at the IAF headquarters in Dublin and one online session mid-week.

1. In person with Space Saloon + The MAAK, 5-6 May 


2. Online with zwkr, 9 May 


3. In person with Palace of Un/Learning, 12-13 May


The IAF Summer School is free to attend, but booking is required. It is possible to book for one, two, or all three parts of the Summer School. Places are limited, so please register early, and only if you plan to attend.

CPD points are available for architects who participate.

LINA is coordinated by the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and co-funded by the Creative Europe initiative of the European Union.

The IAF Summer School 2023: CONNECTION and the LINA Writing Award – a partnership between the IAF and dpr barcelona – comprise the IAF’s contributions to this year’s LINA programme.


Photo by Danny Wills from a Space Saloon Public Art and Ecology Residency.



White on black logo: LINA Co-funded by the European Union