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Public Debate and Launch of Green-Door Weekend


Our Director Nathalie Weadick will chair a debate to launch the Green-Door Weekend in The Dock Carrick on Shannon. The debate will have a keynote address from Professor Dr Piter Versteegh and on the panel will be Claire McManus and Javier Burón.

The premise of the debate is that rural areas are interesting not only in themselves but because they embody a culture that has become ignored in an increasingly urban-centric Europe. By definition they lie on the periphery and away from the seat of power and authority. For this reason, away from the ‘progressive, technological’ urban centre  they hold a depository of knowledge and a memory of ways of acting in society from which we can learn today that hark back to a more instinctive, intuitive knowledge base.

The debate will take place from 7pm on Friday 29 August. Debate and break-out sessions with refreshments €10. Book online HERE

Image: Dominic Stevens’ Mimetic House sourced at www.dominicstevensarchitect.net