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Community Talk

Speaker Profile: Rosie O’Reilly


Ethics and fashion aren’t likely bedfellows but they should be. Rosie O’Reilly is working hard to hook them up. She is creative director of ethical fashion organisation Re-Dress, designer at sustainable, innovative fashion label We Are Islanders and a visual artist.

So what exactly is ethical fashion I hear you ask. Ethical fashion is about producing clothes in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the people making them and the environment.

We’ve all heard the Penney’s horror stories of fast fashion. Workers get paid next to nothing to work hard, very hard, to produce t-shirts we can get for the price of a pint. Not only that but the production of clothing harms our environment. It involves an energy intensive production process that uses a lot of natural resources, pesticides and synthetic fibres.

Re-dress believe the fashion industry can and should be better. They co-ordinate events including Better Fashion Week which is Ireland’s longest running fashion week. Since 2008 Re-dress have invited some of the biggest names in Better Fashion to Dublin to get the conversation going.

Rosie herself will get the conversation going at Pecha Kucha on Wednesday 22 April 7pm at The Grand Social. Other speakers include abgc architectsAnne Bedos (Rothar), Broden Giambrone (TENI), Michael Hayes (2ha), Mathew Jebb (Botanic Gardens), Alex Milton (Irish Design 2015), Naoise Nunn (Sky Cats Laughs), Studio Red architectsConcrete Collar fashion blog and Colm O’Gorman (Amnesty International). MCing on the night is the ever reliable Ciaran O Gaora.

Wednesday 22 April, 7pm, The Grand Social. Tickets are available on the door for just €5.