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Community Talk

Speaker Profile: Emmet Condon


Emmet Condon is Creative Director of Homebeat, a music promotion and production outfit with a particular interest in non traditional spaces. Homebeat started off as gigs in your living room.

Emmet and friends lived together in what describes as, “a particularly un-damageable house in Clonskeagh.” After many a successful party they decided to put on a gig in their house and invite all and sundry over. “If you’re sitting in a strange person’s house it can be a little awkward at first but everyone relaxes quickly. When you’re in a setting like that it’s much easier to talk to those you don’t know, unlike a pub or club where it’s all a bit forced,” said Emmet.

Emmet also produces the Fading Light, Another Love Story and Hollow Sounds festivals. When not drinking tea, he can sometimes be spotted playing records to people in bars and clubs with the heartfelt aim of making them dance and smile.

Emmet will speak at Pecha Kucha with Sean Harrington (Sean Harrington Architects), Anne Bedos (Rothar), Esther Gerrard (Bloom Fringe), Manchan Magan (RTE/TG4/The Irish Times), Gearoid Carvill and Kieran Harnett (Dublin Honey Company), Hollie Kearns and Rosie Lynch (Callan Workhouse Union), Douglas Carson (Carson and Crushell), and Sam Tranum (Liberties Press).

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pecha Kucha format, here it is in a nutshell: speakers get 20 slides, and 20 seconds to explain each. This is no excuse to talk through the technicalities of their work, but to provoke us into thinking about themes and issues that effect us all. Pecha Kucha is a not-for-profit event and is brough to you by Irish Architecture Foundation and Totally Dublin.

Wednesday 22 July, 7pm, The Sugar Club. Tickets are available on the door for just €5 and that includes a free Peroni beer.