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Community Talk

Speaker Profile: abgc architects


abgc architects are Andrew Brady and Gearóid Carvill. They are based in South Studios, Dublin 8 with neighbours like LeCool Dublin, Aisling Farinella and Design Goat. They are a design agency with their finger in all of the creative pies: architecture, furniture, exhibition making and photography.

For them design is both aesthetic and functional and they have a holistic approach to how they work. In their own words, “We are happy to spend an afternoon at our drawing board on a gate-post, a hopper head or a tiling layout if that’s what it’s going to take to make any given project work. We understand that our clients homes or office need to be as individual as they are. We also understand that our designs have to be lived in, touched, felt, smelt, cleaned, kicked, wetted, worn, dirtied (and cleaned), dirtied (and cleaned again) for many, many years after we’ve gone.”

They designed the memorable lego boardroom table for Boys and Girls a Dublin based creative agency. The table is built from lego and bears the company’s logo. They also recommended that the company strip back their office suite and decorate it all white to complement the table. Other interesting projects include a portable screening room, an installation project for the Irish Blood Transfusion Service to raise awareness for World Blood Day and Doll’s Boutique and Bibi’s Café.

Their approach to design is all about staying creative. 20% of their working week is devoted to non-commissioned self led projects. They have collaborated with artists, other designers and musicians on exhibitions and various artistic endeavours.

abcg will speak at Pecha Kucha Dublin on 22 April. Other speakers include Alex Milton (Director of Irish Design 2015), Mathew Jebb (Botanic Gardens), Broden Giambrone (Trans Equality Network Ireland), Rosie O’Reily (Re-Dress), Anne Bedos (Rothar), Michael Hayes (2ha), Naoise Nunn (Cat Laughs Comedy Festival), Studio Red architectsConcrete Collar fashion blog and Colm O’Gorman (Amnesty International). MCing on the night is the ever reliable Ciaran O Gaora.

Wednesday 22 April, 7pm, The Grand Social. Tickets are available on the door for just €5.

Image: Boys and Girls boardroom table by abcg, photo by Sean and Yvette Photography