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Public realm

Open House Dublin Recap & 2019 dates


Rain? What rain? 2018 – our most ambitious year yet with 31,088 visits!

In case you missed this year’s Open House here’s a little sum up for you…


It was a wet one but a great one! We rocked out our 13th year despite a little bit of bad luck all with the help of you guys!

A big thank you to our buildings, guides, volunteers and visitors and sponsors with out whom it wouldn’t be possible.
31,000 visits
358 volunteers
200 snugglies
170 events
96% of you said OHD has given you a sense of pride in Dublin City
91% of you feel more likely to enter into conversations about the built environment after attending Open House Dublin
87% rated the weekend as excellent /very good
13 private homes
8 Tired Open House team members
5 #Instahouse shortlist winners
1 Hurricane
And a whole bunch of smiles- despite the rain!
Join us for Open House Dublin 2019 taking place 11-13 October!
Calling all building and event hosts!
Want your building or event to take part in Open House Dublin 2019?
Register your interest for next years Open House Dublin HERE