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Kambur – Miranda Blennerhassett at TBG&S


Currently showing at Temple Bar Galleries & Studios, Miranda Blennerhassett’s work examines the relationship between architecture & ornamentation. This wall-painting is based on the study of traditional Icelandic knitting patterns and the writings of Gottfried Semper in The Four Elements of Architecture.

We had a chance to ask artist Miranda Blennerhassett a few questions about her current architecturally engaged work – Kambur.
· What is this?
Kambur is a painted installation in the atrium space at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.  The pattern is taken from a traditional Icelandic knitting pattern.  Following a recent one-month residency in Reykjavik where I looked at local patterns in architecture and fabrics, I created this installation with reference to Gottfried Semper’s writing on the use of hanging fabrics within traditional domestic dwellings.
· Who are you?
I am a Dublin based artist, originally from Scotland.
· What’s your interest in architecture?
My art practice has always been centred on the relationship between architecture and ornament.  I am interested in the way ornament can convey a range of information to the users of a space. I believe there is an inherent generosity in the creative act of decorating which infers a consideration for the people within that space.
· Why this way? 
I always work directly onto the walls of the gallery in order to have the architectural structure be an intrinsic element of the artwork.  The work is specific to the context and aesthetic qualities of a given location.
· What do you want people to take from this?
I am keen to explore the potential of any site, and to examine the power of pattern and ornamentation on the audience.  I would like people to have a heightened awareness of the spaces that surround them and to think about the decorative choices and details that occur within our buildings and in the urban environment.

For More Information on Kambur and TBG&S
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