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Irish Architecture Now Blog


The Irish Architecture Foundation’s objective in creating the blog is to expand the audience and engagement in the subject of Irish Architecture. The IAN blog is a collection of thoughts, reflections, assertions  inspired by Irish architects on tour in the US.  It is a portal into the experiences, happenings, connections, impact and effect of the formal events, the chance meetings around them and other interesting stories that creatively connect the U.S. and Ireland. The events and the blog are produced by the Irish Architecture Foundation and the list of contributors to the blog are a diverse group from both Ireland and the US.

To access the blog go to www.architecturefoundation.ie/now. Here you can read about IAN and leave a comment.

Kazys Varnelis/New York
Niall NcCullough/Dublin
Raymund  Ryan/ Pittsburgh
Hugh Campbell/Dublin
Yvonne Farrell/Dublin
Pierluigi Serraino/San Francisco
Kathleen  James-Chakraborty/Dublin
Nathalie  Weadick/Dublin
Merritt Bucholz/Limerick
Sheila O’Donnell/Dublin
John Kaliski/Los Angeles
Tom dePaor/Dublin
Shih-Fu Peng/Dublin
Clare Lyster/Chicago
Maxim Laroussi/Dublin
Kai Gutschow/ Pittsburgh
Karen McEvoy/Dublin