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Open call to tender for NASI review


The IAF would like to welcome tenders from experienced consultants to review the National Architects in Schools programme

The National Architects in Schools Initiative has been devised and delivered by the Irish Architecture Foundation since 2013. In order to establish the impact of the programme and identify areas for improvement, revision, expansion etc. the IAF wishes to conduct a comprehensive independent review of the programme in 2019.


The IAF would like to welcome tenders from experienced consultant(s) to review the programme through research, surveys, focus groups, observation and/or other methods, engaging with those who participate in the programme (students, teachers and architects), those who devise and deliver the programme and those who fund the programme, in order to achieve a 360° view on the programme’s strengths, deficits and opportunities for improvement.


Consultants or teams will be able to evaluate the project from an educational/pedagogical and architectural perspective, as well as from a feasibility perspective. To apply for the tender, you should propose how you would approach the project based on the below open call for tender (pdf), highlighting your understanding the scope of the project, your proposed methodology and your relevant experience.


All tenders should be submitted to education@architecturefoundation.ie


The deadline for applications is Monday 14 January at 10am and we intend to recruit the consultant(s) by end of January, with final reporting occurring in April 2019. The fee for the project is €9,500 inclusive of VAT.


NASI Review 2019_tender for consultant (1)