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ICAM19 – Registration Open


icam is the international confederation of architectural museums and an organisation of architectural museums, centres and collections. It is dedicated to fostering links between all those interested in promoting the better understanding of architecture.

ICAM19 Registration Open

The international political situation is changing dramatically, nationalism is rising, and barriers are being constructed. Meanwhile climate change requires us to move from a black to a green economy with all its impact on architecture, design and urban planning. What does it mean to be an architectural institution in a changing political, social and environmental world? Where do we want to be? Building upon ICAM18, this conference questions the position of the architectural institutions in the 21st century.

ICAM as a confederation exists to ensure ideas travel, empower collaboration, exchange knowledge, foster research and critical attitudes, and deliver more together than institutions can do alone. All members have a stake in the democratization of culture.

Taking as its theme ‘Migrating Ideas’, the conference will explore transnational research, exhibition coproduction, responses to climate change, community empowerment and creating value through new partnerships.

The conference will be hosted by hosted by Kent Martinussen and his team at the Danish Architecture Centre, DAC

Conference dates:
9 September – 13 September 2018
Post conference 14 and 15 September 2018

Conference registration ends July 30th

For programme details: ICAM19_official-program

For post programme details: Post-conference-program