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Grafton Architects named 2020 recipient of the Royal Gold Medal


The Royal Gold Medal is approved personally British monarch, Queen Elizabeth and is given to a person or group of people who have had a significant influence “either directly or indirectly on the advancement of architecture”.



RIBA President, Alan Jones said: “Grafton Architects are impressive role models. Their work, philosophy and ambition are of profound importance, not just in their home country and the UK but across the globe.

They show us all how architecture, practiced humbly and humanely, can make the world a better place. I am delighted that Grafton Architects will receive the 2020 Royal Gold Medal in recognition of their exceptional qualities.”

On hearing the news that they will receive the Royal Gold Medal in 2020, Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara said: “Like architects around the world, everyone in Grafton Architects works hard to give each project the attention needed to hopefully enrich people’s lives. For us, architecture is an optimistic profession, with the opportunity to anticipate future realities. It is of the highest cultural importance because it is the built enclosure of human lives. It translates people’s needs and dreams into built form, into the silent language of space.

We share this honour with all our clients, design teams, contractors and colleagues – past and current – working together, we translate ideas into reality.

The news that Grafton Architects are to receive the RIBA 2020 Royal Gold Medal makes this a very special and happy moment in our lives. A sincere ‘Thank you’ to all those involved in making it possible!”


For more information visit: Architecture.com