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Interview Learning

Meet the Graduate Panel: Róisín Cahill


Established in 2021, the IAF Graduate Panel offers a discursive and collaborative space to share ideas and an opportunity to link with the IAF’s core programme. We’d like to introduce you to our panelists over a series of interviews.

Meet Róisín Cahill, Researcher, Henry J Lyons.

Róisín is an architecture graduate interested in neighbourhood systems, urban planning and the role of writing in architectural discourse. After graduating from the School of Architecture, University of Limerick in 2020, she continued her studies and graduated with a M.Sc. in Urban Design and Planning from University College Dublin in 2021. A member of the IAF Emerging Architecture Writers Panel, Róisín has been published in Architecture Ireland and 2ha. Currently based in Dublin, she works as a researcher for Henry J Lyons.


Tell us about the work you’re currently involved in.

I’m working as a research assistant at Henry J Lyons, currently focusing on sustainability and ways of improving the environmental impact of architecture through the principles of circularity and low carbon design. I am also working on a research dissemination initiative supported by the IAF Graduate Panel with fellow panel member Jessica Keller.


What drew you to a career in architecture? What are your aspirations?

I’ve always enjoyed being in a busy street or square and seeing how people take temporary ownership of public space, an interest furthered through my post-grad studies in Urban Design and Planning. The opportunity of creating and shaping spaces that host and celebrate public life has led me to pursue a career in architecture.


Why did you decide to join the IAF Graduate Panel? What are your expectations?

I joined the IAF Graduate Panel to meet other graduates and to gain a wider understanding of the career paths available to graduate architects. I look forward to continuing learning from and collaborating with my graduate panel peers with the support and guidance of the IAF.


What area of architectural practice are you most interested in and hoping to further develop your career in?

I’m interested in urban design, how communities develop connections to place, and the role of writing in empowering and informing design. I am also interested in how the construction industry will adapt to the pressures of the climate crisis. Fortunately, my current role provides the opportunity to continue to explore and develop a range of interests. 


Tell us about a contemporary Irish building or contemporary building designed by (an) Irish architect(s) that you admire?

Since I moved to Dublin last year, St Patrick’s Park quickly became one of my favourite places. Maybe an unconventional choice, but I love the unimposing tea rooms in the corner of the park (2015) and the long outdoor table that invites passersby to step away from the traffic, pause for a moment and enjoy the life of a city centre park.