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Culturstruction launched their new website


The collaborative architecture and design studio Culturstruction launched their new website.

Please visit culturstruction.com

Culturstruction work together as designers, artists, curators and facilitators on a range of projects. To date they have completed small scale built work; temporary public installations; exhibition design and project curating; public lectures and panel contributions; workshop programmes and public-realm research..

As socially engaged designers they often borrow from the systems and structures of art practice. In particular, they look to the highly tuned approaches to participatory and collaborative arts practices that are evolving here and now in Ireland. They enjoy working with other people to collaboratively realise projects.

Initiated in 2008, in the dying days of Ireland’s property boom, the name ‘Culturstruction’ proposed a critique of the impossibility of ‘constructing culture’. Today the work that they do continues to challenge destructive attempts to enclose and de-politicise the processes of conceiving, making and managing our shared environment.

Culturstruction is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Culturstruction for more information please visit this website.