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2019 Programme Launch

Building Material 22 launches


Building Material 22 will be available for purchase from November 15.

“The boundaries of what constitutes public life, public realm, or the ‘public interest’ are destined to remain a contested space, one in which ideologies come to the fore. The question, for this issue of Building Material, is where does the public aspect of architecture reside and how might it be calibrated?”

Michael K. Hayes

Building Material is an annual architecture journal, jointly published by the Architectural Association of Ireland (AAI), the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG), and the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF).

The 22nd edition of the journal is focused on the theme of ‘Public’. To celebrate the book’s publication, a special launch event shall be held at the Irish Architecture Foundation.

Copies of Building Material 22 may be purchased online Building Material 22