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‘Building Ireland’ a documentary series on RTÉ


A team of expert presenters in engineering, architecture and geography explore some of the finest examples of Ireland’s building and engineering heritage.

Six Part documentary series
from Esras Films in association with Brian Gray
for RTÉ One with S&V funding from the BAI


Programme One: The Cork to Bandon Railway
Engineer Tim Joyce investigates how you bore an 800 metre tunnel through Goggins Hill and build a viaduct across Laune valley at the dawn of Ireland’s railway age. Architect Orla Murphy explores the relationship of gunpowder with tunnel construction and Geographer Susan Hegarty discovers the markets and industries on the northside of Cork City.

Watch it Tuesday 15 July 7pm RTE One

Programme Two: The Banking Halls of Dublin
Architect Orla Murphy explores the 19th century banking halls of Dame Street and the impact of personalities and politics on the architecture of the booming finance houses. Engineer Tim Joyce discovers how banking led to the innovative development of the docks and Geographer Susan Hegarty examines the role of bridges in planning the city.

Watch it Tuesday 15 July 7pm RTE One

Programme Three: The Great Port of Waterford
Geographer Susan Hegarty re-discovers the mile-long quay wall and fascinating maritime history of Ireland’s oldest city that has trade links with every corner of the world. Engineer Tim Joyce discovers the shipbuilding history of Waterford and Architect Orla Murphy explores the streets and building to uncover the history of the city and its people.

Watch it Tuesday 22 July 7pm RTE One.

Programme Four: St Johns Cathedral Limerick
Architect Orla Murphy investigates St John’s Cathedral and its gothic revival spire that dominates the skyline and represents the aspirations of 19th century Limerick. Geographer Susan Hegarty discovers the world famous qualities of the local blue limestone and Engineer Tim Joyce examines the city’s relationship with the Shannon.

Watch it Tuesday 29 July 7pm RTE One


Programme Five: The Boyne Viaduct
Engineer Tim Joyce investigates the construction of the Boyne Viaduct at Drogheda and its reputation as one of Ireland’s greatest examples of Victorian industrial engineering. Architect Orla Murphy discovers the design of a 21st century bridge over the Boyne and Geographer Susan Hegarty explores 8,000 years of human settlement in the area.

Watch it Tuesday 5 Aug 7pm RTE One

BUILDING IRELAND – The Boyne Viaduct at Drogheda from Esras Films on Vimeo.

Programme Six: Mayo’s Textile Industry
Geographer Susan Hegarty explores the historical role of Mayo’s wool production in stimulating a textile industry that has been subject to success, failure and rejuvenation. Architect Orla Murphy discovers how the textile industry impacted on town planning in Westport and Engineer Tim Joyce investigates developments in woolen mill technology.

Watch it Tuesday 12 Aug 7pm RTE One

Building Ireland is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Esras Films for more information please visit this website.