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Archizines Winner and Shortlist


We are pleased to announce the winner of the Archizines competition.

SET is a new zine by the Set Collective that will examine the relationship between architecture and cinema. Edited by Jamie Young, Graduate of UCD School of Architecture and designed by Paul Guinan, the first edition “The Shining’s Maze of Indeterminacy” is written by Emma Dwyer. This new archizine will go into production as soon as possible through sponsorship in-kind by Plus Print.

The jury, Elias Redstone (Curator, Archizines), Nathalie Weadick (Director, IAF), Alex Milton (Head of Design, NCAD), Stephen Mulhall (Editor, Building Material, AAI) and Ciaran Smith (Plus Print), said they ‘liked the clarity of idea in SET, the response to audience and the potential to develop this zine into an archive and collectible’. Elias Redstone, curator of Archizines said he would be delighted to include SET in the international Archizines Collection. www.archizines.com

Nathalie Weadick, Director of IAF said “we are delighted at the IAF to be able to foster a culture of independent publishing in architecture and we look forward to the public launch of SET. The quality of the submissions conveys a strong zine culture here, the shortlisted zines deserve also to be in existence and I hope the creators can make this happen”.


Archizine: SET
Editor: Jamie Young
Designer: Paul Guinan
Writer: Emma Dwyer
Descriptor: SET, each issue will feature a new film and an exploration of the set or the location’s effect on the film’s narrative. Double sided sheet 280mm x 370mm, folded, 2-colour, 250 print run.

Shortlist in no particular order

Archizine: ARMATURE
Editors: Ross Melbourne and Sharon Chatterton
Descriptor: ARMATURE aims to present new ways of conceiving, analysing and critiquing architecture. Issue 1 titled ‘Talking Suburbia’ contains edited scripts transcribed by the editors from recorded events held in Dundee during 2012. Participants included Paul Noble, Don Murphy, Susan Gogan, Felix Claus and Jason Griffiths. A5, 32 pages, uncoated, saddle stitched, 500 print run.

Archizine: JERUSALEM
Editors: Claire Feeley and Ciara Moloney
Designer: Alex Synge
Descriptor: JERUSALEM, taking its title from the William Blake poem of the same name, is a quarterly travelogue charting the journeys by three artists and one writer. First edition includes Dennis McNulty, Francesco Pedraglio, Cara Tolmie and Lenham Quarry. Each journey involves intensive research on a specific architectural site in England. A5, 62 pages, full colour, metal binding, 100 print run.

Archizine: 2ha
Editor: Michael Hayes
Designer: Ste Murray
Artwork: Samuel Kane
Descriptor: 2ha is a small independent magazine interested in the suburbs, with the aim to inspire appreciation for the possible in suburban life. 2ha refers to people and the land they inhabit and content will be gathered through open call. A2 folded sheet to A6, b/w.

The winning Archizine and the three shortlisted prototypes are on display in the NCAD Gallery as part of the Archizines Exhibition until Friday 11th January.