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21st Century Liffey: Design Concepts for Dublin’s River Quays


Exhibition at Studio-X in New York, the exhibit will remain on display through December 19, and is open from 1pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday, or by appointment.

The city is in a constant state of flux, a work in progress. The stagnation of space due to conflicts in governance produces a type of civic ambivalence, one which has an insidious impact, affecting the citizens’ ability to connect with their city. 21st Century Liffey explores these realities along Dublin’s most important, but frequently overlooked asset: its river. Through the development of a “Rooms and Corridors” strategy, Irish urban designers David Jordan and Fergus Browne re-imagine and re-vision the Liffey Quays as a green boulevard linking park to bay and north to south: in short, becoming the mise en scène of the Irish capital.

By merging theoretical discourse with conceptual design solutions, their thought-provoking exhibition illustrates innovative ways of perceiving urban environments from the perspective of the pedestrian and articulates the important role the river can play in creating legible city spaces. The transcending themes of their research give it a particularly international dimension, encouraging a global conversation about the future of our cities.

picture from Studio-X NYC.

Design Concepts for Dublin’s River Quays exhibition is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by 21st Century Liffey for more information please visit this website.