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2008 Exhibition Walk

The Lives of Spaces was Ireland’s participation at the 11th International Architecture Exhibition 2008 in Venice, Italy.

This exhibition proceeds from the modest proposition that the designed spaces which architects produce play a crucial role in supporting, shaping and framing our lives.

The spaces chosen for inclusion are not precious, pristine places, removed from the ordinary business of life – they are right in the thick of it, providing accommodation for living, for working, for creative production, for institutional support, for education, for leisure, for collective action.

Participating architects+artists include: Hassett-Ducatez, Simon Walker & Patrick Lynch, Grafton Architects, Gerry Cahill Architects, TAKA, O’Donnell + Tuomey, dePaor Architects, Peter Maybury, McCullough Mulvin Architects, Dara McGrath, Heathcote Barr, Bang Bang Teo, David Chandler.

Exhibition venue: Palazzo Giustinian-Lolin, Grand Canal, Venice

Film by Conor + David (now Workgroup)
Music by Paul G Smith