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June Members Tour – TBG&S staring forms guided tour

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios currently hosts ‘staring forms’ by artists Miranda Blennerhassett, Aleana Egan, Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Tanad Williams, 4 artists who work with shape and form. Join us on June 19 for a guided tour of the exhibition by curator Michael Hill as he guides IAF members through the inspiration by T S Ellliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ to each artists individual piece and focus.

staring forms is a group exhibition that brings together four individual artistic practices that engage with space, interiors and sites using distinct voices and methodologies. The exhibition takes as its starting points the structures, ornamentation and navigation of internal domestic and public space. These ideas were developed through discussions around a collection of shared texts, selected by each artist in response to the initial exhibition proposal, that resonate with their distinct practices.
Learn more about the exhibition here: 5 Questions

Photo Credit: Kasia Kaminska