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The Housing Incident Room

In collaboration with the architect Dominic Stevens, IAF presents ‘The Housing Incident Room’; an architect led workshop that draws on the systems and structures of A Fair Land in which to produce A Housing Manifesto. The drive of The Housing Incident Room, is to explore the long history of radical thinking on social, political, environmental and architectural issues, as an essential framework to respond to urgent questions on how to move forward with creating housing in Ireland.

Invited workshop leaders will draw on A Fair Lands proposition for a new order and system of living brought on by re-invention and fuelled by self-determination, to address the biggest issues facing society in terms of the built environment, architecture and housing.

Workshop findings and agreed goals will be compiled into a Zine designed by Paul Guinan, titled The Housing Manifesto, to be launched at a later date.

Sharing the spirit of A Fair Land, The Incident Room thus becomes a place of industry and re-invention, through its production of The Housing Manifesto.

Join us on Saturday 27 August at IMMA for:

11.00am-4.00pm/ Drop In Conversations

All day from 11am-4pm, people can drop by and talk to the curators Dominic Stevens and Nathalie Weadick, see teams at work, make observations, comments and interact.

4.00pm -5.00pm/ Public Pin UP

Following an intensive industrious day developing manifestos the teams will Pin UP their ideas, drawings, plans and present to each other and also to the public who are invited to respond to five newly formed provocations on Housing.

Dominic Stevens, Architect
Nathalie Weadick, Director of Irish Architecture Foundation
Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF)


Emmett Scanlon, Architect & Researcher
Laurence Lord, Architect, Architecture Practice + Experimentation
Dorothy Smith, Visual Artist
Alan Driscoll, Irish Housing Network
Niamh McDonald, Irish Housing Network
Nathan O Donnell, Writer


Brian Barber, Graduate Architect, Nósworkshop
Joseph Mackey, Architect & StudioTutor UCD
Paul Mooney, Chartered Surveyor, Benchmark Property
Stephen Coyne, Urban Planner
Noel Cahill, National Economic & Social Council


Rae Moore, Architect & Lecturer
Willie White, Dublin Theatre Festival
Elizabeth Gaynor, Architect
Brain Gallwey, Research Officer DCC
Maude Hendricks, Theatre Maker


Claire McManus, Architect, Open Architecture
Manuel Diaz, Urban Design
Dermot Lacy, Politician
Aideen Lowery, Architect
Eoin McElroy, Architect


Tara Kennedy, Architect & Researcher
John McLaughlin, Architect & Academic
Tracy O’Brien, Photographic Artist & Housing Activist
Ben Readman, Artist & co-founder Block T

Support Team
Paul Guinan, Graphic Designer
Ste Murray, Photographer
Sile Stewart, IAF

This talk is part of A Fair Land: Reinvent/Discuss/Debate, daily talks by project participants and invited speakers to prompt discussion about the function of creativity in our lives, alternative perspectives on living, and the elemental things we need in our individual systems.

A Fair Land 12 – 28 August 2016
This year IMMA is collaborating with Grizedale Arts who, following a period of research and development in IMMA’s residency programme, will create an extraordinary new project, in collaboration with IMMA, that examines the ‘usefulness’ of art by inviting artists and creatives to take over the iconic IMMA courtyard this summer. Echoing the role artists played in creating in articulating a new vision for Ireland pre-1916, A Fair Land will be developed and activated by a range of artists and creative practitioners with the aim of creating new, artist-led visions for a functioning future society.