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Waterford Festival of Architecture 2014

Download the full programme HERE.

The Waterford Festival of Architecture is a festival which supports architects and works towards enhancing the understanding and appreciation of architecture among the wider community, including creative practitioners of other artistic disciplines. It produces a high quality programme of events that maximise its unique status in Ireland as the only festival of architecture outside of the capital.

There is clear synergy between WFA promoting and raising awareness of architecture where the theme is “Walls” and a charity both seeking to break down barriers around the issues of homelessness and to provide shelter, protection and assistance for those that are homeless through the provision of physical structures and services.

With an exciting three-day programme of events to engage local and regional public and specialist audiences, the festival promotes the importance of architecture as an artistic practice. In 2014 our theme is “Walls” will celebrate the life of the City through the built environment and encourage the public to engage with the city and its catchment area on a more intimate level, with events tours and walks exploring different aspects the theme in the city and county

Through a family and schools programme, specialist lectures and talks, workshops and exhibitions, the Waterford Festival of Architecture continues to grow its profile and audiences by delivering a programme that aims to engage the public with the built environment.

Awareness of architecture as an art form is central to the festival.  Through these creative collaborations, the festival can demonstrate the necessity for and contributions of, architecture in our daily lives.

Waterford Festival of Architecture is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Waterford Festival of Architecture and Focus Ireland for more information please visit this website.