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IAF Summer School with Space Saloon + The MAAK


The IAF Summer School 2023 opens with Space Saloon + The MAAK bringing their touring project RRRUBBLE to the IAF headquarters in Dublin.

RRRUBBLE aims to address resource scarcity through circular strategies by equipping you, the public, with inspiration and tools for rethinking our relationship to material use. Space Saloon and The MAAK advocate for “an architecture of availability”, where using found objects and forgotten or discarded items is prioritised over sourcing new or foreign materials.

Through LINA, Space Saloon and The MAAK are also collaborating with the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel, BARLETI University in Tirana, the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, MODEL in Barcelona, and BETA in Timisoara.

For each iteration of RRRUBBLE, Space Saloon and The MAAK are developing a site-specific approach, evolving their working approach to material reuse – and they promise a lot of fun for participants!

RRRUBBLE Dublin – the fourth stop on their tour – will take a performative and experimental approach, drawing from the disciplines of architecture, theatre and urban design. Participants will develop “material passports” that interpret layers of meaning about and beyond found materials and objects. Together we will explore how our skills, backgrounds and personal histories influence our readings of materials. Through performative action and improvisation, we will then evolve these reflections into speculative thinking around their potential for reuse and hands-on making with found objects.


Introductory presentation and discussion, Friday 5 May, 18.30-20.00

The Summer School opens with a RRRUBBLE presentation, workshop overview, and introduction to Space Saloon and The MAAK. This will be followed by a meet and greet and a show and tell of reclaimed objects brought in by participants.

Please bring 3 items of rubble: 1 point, 1 line, and 1 plane.

These items must be used / secondhand / waste (old, discarded, broken, redundant, scrap, useless, dirty, ugly, low quality or replaced). Examples of a point include a toy, ball, chair, bottle caps, a scrunched up piece of paper, or any other 3D object. Lines could be wool, cables, wires, wire hangers, straws, a plank of wood, etc. The line does not need to be straight. Planes would include flattened cardboard boxes, plywood, clothing, blankets, or any other surface. If the objects are quite small (e.g., straws or bottle caps), please bring as many as possible (e.g., a bag’s worth).

Register for Friday.


RRRUBBLE Workshop, Saturday 6 May, 10:00-17:00

Day 2 commences with a performative and exploratory morning walk around Dublin. We will “shop” the city, looking for discarded or forgotten materials to add to those already brought in on Friday evening. (If you cannot attend on Friday, please bring your 3 items on Saturday.)

Once back at the IAF HQ, we will split into three groups to begin connecting and assembling materials into larger components before collectively working on one final pile, assembly, or surface. This process will be filmed to forefront the interaction between bodies, objects and materials. Personal stories and performative interpretations will be integrated into the narrative.

For a detailed agenda, see these slides.

Please bring a sketchbook / notebook and pen. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. We will also be using our phone cameras and the Instagram app. (Nothing will be published publicly without your consent.)

Register for Saturday.


Important booking information:

The IAF Summer School 2023 is open to all, including professionals, academics, graduates and students. It will be of particular relevance to architects, artists, activists, creatives, cultural practitioners, community workers, urbanists, geographers, film-makers and anyone with an interest in architecture, sustainability, design and the built environment. CPD points are available for participating architects.

The IAF Summer School is free to attend, but booking is essential.

Please note that Friday’s introduction and Saturday’s workshop are interdependent. Out of courtesy for the presenters, we ask that you register for both days and attend on both days.

The events with Space Saloon + The MAAK take place in the IAF headquarters, 15 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1.

This year’s Summer School is in three parts. It continues on 9 May with zwkr (online) and on 12-13 May with Palace of Un/Learning (in person at the IAF headquarters).

It is possible to book for one, two, or all three parts of the Summer School. Places are limited, so please register only if you plan to attend.

Read the full announcement for an overview of the Summer School programme.


The IAF Summer School 2023 is brought to you in collaboration with LINA.

This is the first of three years in which the IAF Summer School forms part of the LINA programme, an exciting new collaboration between architecture organisations in 23 European countries and 25 competitively selected LINA Fellows. LINA’s goal is to help steer the architectural sector towards clean and circular practices through Learning, Interacting and Networking in Architecture and supporting emerging professionals with innovative and forward-looking projects.

LINA is coordinated by the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and co-funded by the Creative Europe initiative of the European Union.

The IAF Summer School 2023: CONNECTION and the LINA Writing Award, a partnership between the IAF and dpr barcelona, comprise the IAF’s contributions to this year’s LINA programme.


Photo: Space Saloon and The MAAK.