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STEW 2014 Portfolio Workshop at Fumbally Exchange

From 18:00 at Fumbally Exchange HQ, Dame Lane.

STEW will be hosting a portfolio workshop at Fumbally Exchange Monday 7th April. The workshop is aimed at students and graduates with a selection of architects, graphic designer and other design professionals on hand.

Attendees should bring their most recent Portfolios in whatever form you think is best and a laptop if they have an online portfolio/website/interactive pdf. Portfolios will gain direct responses from a range of practicing architects and your peers. There will also be advice given to the group by graphic designers regarding the Do’s and Dont’s of formatting and graphic presentation. There will be direct interaction with architects on what they look for in a Portfolio. This event will also be a great opportunity for Architects to see the work being done in Universities.

Speed dating: Students and Graduates will have one on one peer to peer chats about each others portfolios across the table.
Group Therapy: Break into groups centred on the Fumbally Exchange Professionals at separate tables. These groups will rotate to get different opinions.
Question Session: Impressions from the Professionals on what they saw, what stands out when they receive a portfolio, what never to do, what they like to see.
Questions from the students/graduates and further one on one’s as required.
Stag’s head

STEW is a platform for Students, Graduates and Architectural practitioners in Ireland to network, skillshare and work together.

The Portfolio Workshop is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by AAI for more information please visit this website.