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Standard Lives ‘This Space Without Time’

Standard Lives is a series of talks celebrating the ignored and overlooked side of Irish architecture and design. Each event is conceived as a ‘live magazine’ bringing together a range of speakers from a variety of different backgrounds. Four contributors – from the worlds of art, architecture, academia and writing – will make a short presentation on each occasion, with the session’s theme changing from evening-to-evening.

The third and final talk in the Standard Lives series will take place from 7pm, Wednesday 18 November at The Chocolate Factory. This time round, the theme is ‘This Space Without Time’ which covers the topics of change and our perception of it, the role of narrative in shaping our urban environment, and the processes through which such alterations take place.

For this session, there will be contributions from Kieran Rose (planner, DCC), Fintan Duffy (lecturer, WIT), Donal Foreman (director, Out of Here), and Kevin Breathnach (writer), who will each approach the theme of ‘This Space Without Time’ from their own unique perspectives and disciplines.

Regardless of the topic at hand, it is 2ha magazine / TYPE hope that with each talk will reveal some of the stories behind the ordinary architecture and everyday icons that shape Irish life. Jumping across scales – from the state of the nation to the state of your manky shower – no aspect of design is understood as being too significant or too small.

Wednesday, 18 November at 7pm
The Chocolate Factory – King’s Inn Street Dublin, Dublin 1

Tickets may be booked online HERE.

Standard Lives is organised by 2ha magazine / TYPE, and is supported by Irish Design 2015.