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Screenings of ‘Drawing on Life’ at IAF


A film by Paul Clarke and Conor McCafferty.

A film by Paul Clarke and Conor McCafferty.

Screening daily 15-29 July, IAF HQ, Mon–Fri at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Drawing on Life is a film that follows a series of Irish architects in their studios and the places they like to draw in. It eavesdrops on their discussions and thoughts in order to explore and reveal their use of drawing. We see them drawing in cafes, over the drawing table and sketching out their ideas as they talk about projects. The film frames eight short portraits of architects and practices as cinematic windows that look into this very individual world of drawing. Why are architects still drawing by hand in the digital age? What value does drawing have in shaping their creativity and imagination? Watching them draw, and talking to them about their sketchbooks, work and ideas, the film reveals a hidden world of why architects draw.

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These screenings are in conjunction with the launch of ‘Notations’; a collection of eight individual books that together form a folio of drawings, notes, collages, photographs and appropriated images taken from the notebooks of architects who use them as both reflective and reflexive forms of thinking.

Taking place at the Irish Architecture Foundation HQ: 15 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1.