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The Public Age Meeting House


Following a period of initial research with residents across the county, The Public Age Meeting House has emerged as a proposal to revive an old ritual – the Meeting House. It is a proposal to prototype a new social space that reinvents this old custom, which for centuries served as a focal point for public life.

At four distinct public spaces in Dun Laoighaire/Rathdown, we will interrupt existing public rituals with a series of curated public events. At each event we will bring together people who use it daily, young and old, professionals and citizens, in a shared collaboration to stage a public conversation about that space.

The fist Meeting House will take place from 12-1.30, June 10th at UCD following the ‘Designing a new way of ageing talk’ at the O’Reilly Hall as part of the UCD festival. The conversation will look at our relationship to public space and learning as we age.

Please get in touch by email, suzanne@the-decorators.net to book or sign up here

Public space is where democracy should play out. Primarily decisions are made about public space and its users from afar. We invite you to join a diverse group; young and old, professionals and citizens to explore our collective experiences of public space, specifically focusing on how this changes as you age.