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Open House Galway 2013

Open House Galway HERE.

Open House Galway WEBSITE.

Open House Galway this year has developed a full programme of building visits for its 5th year running. Galway citizens can learn about their unique built environment in this festival. These visits may inform a sustainable and ecological strategy for its architecture of the future.

Galway’s architectural gems open their doors for new visitors. The concept of Open House is to connect people with buildings in their environs, giving them an insight into their history. This year we share this weekend with Chicago, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Dublin, Rome and New York. A global community of visitors to Architecture are connected in this concept.

With regard to our ecological footprint for the built environment of the future we feature a talk on Passive House and also link to a building tour of the energy efficiency projects undertaken in Portumna Workhouse in the County. This year’s talk Rural v Urban: Housing for the future is sure to generate much discussion and debate.

Open House Galway is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Open House Galway for more information please visit their website.